Little Witch Academia – Kagari Akko



based trigger please make this into a full anime thank you


5 thoughts on “Little Witch Academia – Kagari Akko

    • lol dude the fuck are you talking about, “improve the art and animation”. That’s like asking akame ga kiru to be more violent than it already is. it already had amazing animation and excellent art style. Way better than any other full show that aired in recent memory.

      Though if they did improve it I would jizz buckets all over the place.

      • lol that’s cute. I meant it as in they could improve on the details, not in style. Like,
        . making each strand of hair finely visible and not outlined as a bunch. (think of Sena from Boku wa Next)
        . detailing cloth by adding folds – like here when she raises her left leg and folds/layers are formed.

        My bad, didn’t meant to blame animation it’s excellent.

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